Global Environmental Operations, Inc. (GEO) is a highly experienced environmental, chemical and civil engineering firm. The firm has a unique philosophy that is committed to customer satisfaction. Our work guarantee is that it's either right and acceptable, or there is no charge for our work. We believe in our ability to deliver on our promises: quality work done quickly, on time and on budget.

Some of GEO's strengths come from our vast experience and wide variety of projects we have performed. Some of those projects include: air pollution testing and consulting; thermal analysis; hazardous and non-hazardous wastes consulting, disposal and permitting; remediation and environmental restoration; underground storage tank removal; environmental assessments; hazardous waste incineration; wastewater consulting; modeling; system design; trouble-shooting; industrial and commercial water supply; and consulting on environmental technologies and their development.

Our network of professionals includes safety professionals, chemists, other chemical engineers, research specialists, thermal destruction specialists, and other civil consultants. On a specific project, GEO organizes the required skills, prepares a schedule, communicates with the client, and exercises organizational and cost control to deliver a project on time and under budget.

GEO provided consulting services to industry and private individuals to help them get properties removed from classification as a hazardous waste disposal site, and avoid associated liabilities in all corners of the Earth.

GEO was the first non-Ecuadorian environmental professional to provide any type of cost estimate for the cleanup of the country. (See JungleFumble.pdf in the books, articles and training section.)

GEO has prepared remediation plans for the world's largest remediation project: Petroleum Contamination of Ogoinland, Riverstate, Nigeria (2022)

GEO has provided consulting services to homeowners and their attorneys in Mobile, Alabama regarding nuisance odor complaints arising from a poorly run privately owned municipal waste transfer station.

GEO provided testimony and analysis for a water quality dispute between a homeowner and a county municipal government in Florida. The case involved a questionable diversion from one small drainage basin to an adjacent basin.

GEO provided analysis of an industrial accident at a Construction and Demolition Landfill in Louisiana, where a truck dumping a load of heavy clay tipped over on to an adjacent truck cab, killing the driver

GEO also has worked on some interesting legal projects:

  • In New Jersey, GEO was able to prove that the department of transportation was responsible for creating flooding conditions which ruined 60 brand new vehicles.
  • In Florida, GEO was called in to assist a homeowner who was battling the local county on a drainage/right-of-way/eminent domain issue involving illegal drainage.
  • In Louisiana GEO assisted an attorney to identify the fact that a municipal government allowed the creation of an unsafe work environment where a worker was injured and died from his injuries.
  • In Hawaii, GEO also provided services to help a woman with Asbestosis prove that her condition was due to exposures due to dusts from working with asbestos cement pipe dusts and gaskets over 40 years ago.
  • In Alabama, GEO investigated a "hazard house" where the occupants were very very sick due to the fact that a corner of the house was built over a disposal trench used by a local funeral parlor for disposal of formaldehyde.
  • In Illinois, GEO, because of previous work in the explosives industry, was called in to help defend an insurance company from a claim that their waste disposal practices constituted a "sudden and unanticipated event" under their policy.
  • In New York City, GEO was called in by another insurance company to identify the causes of a marine incident in New York where a barge grounded on a power plant pipeline.
  • In Atlanta, GEO was retained by law firms to investigate fraudulent practices by other firms involving hazardous wastes disposal, and in an unrelated instance, investigate multi-state fraudulent practices involving a deliberate attempt to avoid liability for Hazardous Wastes Disposal by falsifying the condition of commericial properties before selling a business line to a smaller company.
  • In Los Angeles, GEO provided evaluation of a contamination event from a notorious landfill which polluted the Los Angeles Harbor

GEO provided practical guidance to NATO regarding remediation of areas which had been decontaminated after chemical attack, and planning advice on assisting cities affected by or anticipating terrorist attacks through pre-positioning of supplies and equipment.

GEO conducted a safety audit for a local manufacturing firm and made recommendations for improvements.

GEO has worked on projects in many corners of the world. In Belarus we were tasked with evaluating a proposal to clean up land contaminated by the Chernobyl incident. In Africa, we evaluated a proposal to substitute natural gas for charcoal cooking in residences, on a country-wide scale. In Venezuela, (before Chavez) we worked closely with PDVSA on several projects in the oil business involving new chemical plant construction, evaluation of the Exxon Fleet and marine yard in Lagunitas, waste disposal practices in and around Lago de Maricaibo, and pipeline and supply construction on the East side of the Lake to feed a chemical plant with natural gas.

In New York GEO helped a General Motors assembly plant in New York identify Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) in products and remove them from the plant. GEO conducted a study for a different General Motors plant which determined that paint waste was not hazardous under RCRA, and that the plant could successfully defend itself from errant claims of improper disposal of hazardous wastes.

In many of our activities we offer real value because you get our full attention and not some junior professional just creating billable hours for his company.

We also believe in sharing our knowledge, passing it on to the next generation through writing, and through teaching courses.

We published our 5th book on environmental subjects in April 2019: Practical Wastewater Treatment, 2nd Edition, a hands-on guide to industrial wastewater treatment theory, practices, and issues.

About Us


Global Environmental Operations was established in 1991 as a Georgia for profit corporation. (GA Control Number K112297), and has operated successfully as a small business working both nationally and internationally. The principal: David L Russell, is a Registered Professional Engineer in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Kansas, and Iowa.

GEO is a consulting and engineering firm with over 50 years of experience in all phases of environmental work for the chemical industry, general industry and municipalities. Some of GEO's strengths come from our vast experience and wide variety of projects we have performed. Some of those projects include: air pollution testing and consulting; thermal analysis; hazardous and non-hazardous wastes consulting, disposal and permitting; remediation and environmental restoration; underground storage tank removal; environmental assessments; hazardous waste incineration; wastewater consulting; modeling; system design; trouble-shooting; industrial and commercial water supply; and consulting on environmental technologies and their development.


At Global Environmental Operations, Inc., we offer solutions to problems wherever in the world you may be. GEO has a proven track record of international clients and partnerships.

  • Environmental studies on two Hungarian petroleum refineries
  • LPG gas cylinder demand study in Ghana for US Trade and Development Agency (UST&DA).
  • Consulting to Georgian National Academy of Sciences in Tiblisi, Georgia.
  • Multiple studies on Venezuelan oil industry in Maracaibo, Venezuela, and the chemical industry for development of projects in the petrochemical industry.
  • Marketing study for development of a new industrial process and business area in Romania.
  • Experimental design and evaluation for Radium removal from coal mine waters in Poland
  • Water Environment Federation / US Asian Environmental Partnership selected lecturer for India on hazardous wastes (June 2001).


Although we are a small firm, we offer a range of specialists to meet your needs. GEO's technical staff includes Environmental Engineers, Chemical Engineers, Geotechnical Engineers, Safety Professionals, Health Professionals, Geologists and Chemists. Our history of success includes:

  • Process consultant for proprietary waste disposal processes using molten aluminium as a reactant in a thermo-chemical destruction process for PCB's and highly toxic organic and WMD compounds.
  • Design of municipal and industrial wastewater treatment facilities, for treating various types of wasters including nitroparrafins, electroplating, and metal finishing.
  • Environmental assessments for industrial, public schools, and financial clients.
  • Environmental compliance assessments for chemical and industrial clients, including ISO 140000 Gap analyses and formal environmental Reviews and Process Audits, including HAZOPS.
  • Instructor for HAZWOPER and RCRA training classes.
  • Development of Hazardous Waste Landfill Technology Master Plan.
  • Consultant on hazardous waste cleanups and incineration projects in Eastern Europe and the US.
  • Consultant to the State of New York on site cleanup of the Enviro-Chem facility in Tonawonda, New York.
  • Expert testimony to US Justice Department in Chemdyne Inc., Hamilton, Ohio.
  • Consultant to the City of Atlanta remediation lawsuit involving improper disposal of Hazardous Wastes.
  • Design and development of cable manufacturing air, water and odor treatment system.
  • Development of a unique system for management of biosolids from municipalities by composting.
  • Legal consulting services provided in the areas of safety, explosives manufacturing, asbestos remediation and handling, and wastewater treatment.
  • Design and development and process modeling and optimization of water and wastewater treatment systems.
  • Ten years of direct management and environmental control experience in US chemical industry.
  • Wastewater treatment systems for explosives manufacturing.
  • Design of industrial storage building for Grayling Industries, Inc., Alpharetta, Georgia, which met fire codes for flammable chemicals.
  • Risk and evaluation studies for insurance companies, including evaluation of chemical processes.
  • Preparation of Air Pollution Title V permit applications.
  • Water and wastewater sampling and process design and modeling.
  • Risk assessment and hazard assessment, including HAZOPS.
  • Training in the Middle East and Far East, including  Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, and Kuala Lumpur, Mayalsia.

Dave has been working in the safety and security fields with industries in the Middle East. He has provided analyses on issues of safety and security for companies in Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Turkmenistan, and Kuala Lumpur as well as some companies in the US.

Dave Russell: Educational and Professional Activities

  • American Institute of Chemical Engineers - Instructor Wastewater Treatment Course
  • Water Environment Federation - Groundwater Committee Chair
  • American Institute of Chemical Engineers - Atlanta Chapter - Treasurer
  • Registered Professional Engineer - Georgia & Pennsylvania
  • View CV

Dave Russell: Protocol Professional

In 2022 Dave Russell received a certificate of completion from The Protocol School of Washington where he worked with protocol professionals, learning their craft and how to apply it to all kinds of activities and meetings.

Dave Russell: One-Man Global Operation

Growing up just outside Chicago, Dave Russell was surrounded by industrial plants. His father worked in the water treatment business for many years doing things like building swimming pools and rebuilding boilers. As a result, he recalls, "I had a very comfortable feel for industrial processes. A lot of that was half buried in my psyche, but I knew what these things were and didn't have to learn them. I had seen them from inside and out."

This goes a long way in explaining why Russell, 60, went on to become first a chemical engineer and then an environmental engineer specializing in the industrial sector. In Lilburn, Georgia, he serves as president of Global Environmental Operations. He took a roundabout way to get to his station in life, but it has paid off, as he finds himself in demand and doing environmental jobs in far-flung foreign countries. Along the way, he has cultivated a network of other engineers that assist him on projects, so an individual like him can bring resources to bear in large complex projects.

Russell started down the road to environmental engineering by first getting a bachelor's degree in civil engineering from the University of Illinois in 1966. A master's degree in civil engineering from West Virginia University followed a year later.

In his first job out of school, he worked as an environmental engineer for Meridian Engineering, a consulting firm in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He designed municipal water and wastewater treatment plants and worked in industrial wastewater treatment as well. "I had always had a love for water treatment," he says, hearkening to his days growing up.

On the municipal side, Russell's stint at Meridian involved some of the typical civil engineering work consulting firms do for government entities. "But I found out industrial is my love because it's somehow a lot cleaner, a lot less politics. And there's a better appreciation, better understanding," he relates. "If you deal with someone who has their hands on the process, and you can make that process work the way they could not, they appreciate that. That's a far cry from a politician or municipal officials who have a theoretical knowledge, or less, of the machines they rule." Besides, he adds, "The sewage treatment business is old, old business, and there are not as many people who have a good understanding of industrial processes and industrial wastes. So partially it was a business opportunity."

After leaving Meridian, Russell went on to work as an environmental engineer first for IMC Chemical Company in Terre Haute, Indiana and then for Allied Chemical Company in Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania. Then he became an environmental manager for Hooker Chemicals in Niagara Falls, New York with corporate responsibility for all water pollution control programs.

Russell started working at Hooker Chemicals shortly after the press brought the infamous Love Canal episode to light. He took a major role in supervising cleanup at the Love Canal West in Lathrop, California, which involved massive contamination of groundwater in an agricultural area by phosphate and pesticide manufacturing facilities. The company sent chemicals to huge ponds in an arid area assuming they would evaporate. It didn't work that way, and calcium sulfate and radium leached into the groundwater.

After that, Russell began his foray into the world of independent consulting, becoming a self-employed consulting environmental engineer in Williamsville, New York, a suburb of Buffalo. He specialized in consulting to the chemical process, wire and cable, rubber, and other manufacturing industries.

The next move had Russell jumping back to working for consulting firms. First came Lockwood Greene Engineers in Atlanta, Georgia, where he served as a project manager for solid and hazardous waste business development. Then at Law Environmental Services in Marietta, Georgia, he served as a process engineer and designed remedial solutions for a number of contaminated sites, including heavy-metal-laden buildings, petroleum leakage areas, wood preserving facilities, and boxboard paper manufacturing plants.

After a separation from a job, Russell would then start Global Environmental Operations (GEO) in 1986. "I was looking around for something to do. My wife was getting tired of me getting in her way around the house, so she said 'go to work,'" as he tells it. For an office, he took over the bedroom of one of his kids who had gone off to college. Clients consist of industrial companies of all sizes and other consulting engineering firms all over the United States. Services include environmental site assessments, solid and hazardous waste control and remediation, water pollution regulatory conformance, spill control, process engineering, and water and wastewater facility design.

GEO has provided services to a wide variety of industries, including chemicals, petroleum refining, petroleum marketing and distribution, transformer manufacturing, automobile assembly, pulp and paper, and nuclear. In the petroleum industry, jobs on Russell's resume include preparation of remediation, spill control, and contingency plans for bulk petroleum terminals and specialty remediation projects on petroleum-contaminated sites. In the automobile industry, he consulted on PCB cleanup and equipment rehabilitation at a General Motors Fisher Body Plant in Syracuse, New York. In the nuclear industry, he designed a subsurface barrier and groundwater protection system for cleanup of leaking radioactive underground storage tanks at the Hanford Nuclear Center in Richland, Washington. In the food processing industry, he has done process consulting and spill control planning for the Cryovac Division of W.R. Grace. At another job, he developed a electrolytic flotation system to remove oil and grease from wastewater.

Perhaps the key to Russell's success has been the network of associates he has surrounded himself with. "I'm just a small one-man shop, but I do have a remarkable collection of friends, and we help each other out and network and share projects when the occasion arises," he explains. Most of his cohorts have come from past jobs. He typically works with experts in areas he doesn't cover. "For example, I don't do AutoCAD. I can barely run an AutoCAD station. I don't have one in my office. I have people I get to do that for me. I'll sit down and prepare a sketch in five minutes and let them spend five hours filling in the blanks, just because it's more cost-effective." He also works with a group of six to twelve other consultants in areas such as asbestos, safety, OSHA, and combustion matters. "I tell people I'm a little shop with a pretentious name. With the company charter, I can do all kinds of things."

Russell's exploits with GEO have taken him around the world to exotic locales. "I'm lucky I've had some unique opportunities that have taken me into a number of interesting and unusual areas," he says. For example, "I've managed to do a few projects for the Trade and Development Agency, and those took me to Eastern Europe." He has prepared comprehensive environmental evaluations for two refineries in Hungary on a subcontract as part of an Agency for International Development Trade Definition Program team. He has also prepared studies of portions of the organic chemical industry in Romania, and he is currently advising Romanian companies about environmental compliance and cleanup.

"Over the course of the years, I've seen an awful lot of stuff," he reveals about his travels. He says the worst he has seen was a plant near Bucharest, Romania that made chlorine chemicals such as DDT using 1940s technology, which had been outlawed in the U.S. 10 to 15 years before. Such experiences have given him a unique worldly perspective, both in terms of a philosophy toward the environment and the difficulties other cultures have in dealing with problems. He has seen where "people in developing countries get beaten down by their government and have no money for environmental cleanup."

Russell cites Abraham Maslow's ladder of psychological needs in describing the short shrift often given to environmental problems. "The environment is one of the higher order needs," he says, meaning problems get fixed only when people see the damage they cause. But at the same time, when it comes to an overall environmental approach, "It's got to be a balance because every human activity has some environmental impact." He cites jobs as a concern in applying environmental measures, saying you can't always just shut a plant down. "You have to get creative about how you sell environmental controls and services. It takes a different approach from other businesses. We're looking for better and more creative solutions."

A recent job has taken Russell to Ecuador on a project that typifies his overseas work. It involves a large number of pits drilled in rain forests by Texaco to separate the water that comes up with the oil they pump from the ground. These are left over from the 1970s through the mid 1990s, at which time the company pulled out and sold its interest to Petro Ecuador. Russell says Texaco didn't follow then-current environmental laws and used technologies outlawed in the United States with little regard for the environment or human health. The water has heavy metals and toxins in it, and people live next to the black seeping holes. The people are suing Texaco to get them to clean up the mess, and Russell is working for an attorney on the case.

With Russell's track record of success, work like this comes regularly from a variety of sources. "Sometimes I get referrals from commercial advisory services. Sometimes the phone just rings out of the blue," he says. It all comes as part of the intrigue and rewards of being a consultant in demand. "When things are working well in the consulting business, they work very well. It has a sense of freedom and creativity, and it can be a nice living."

Environmental Services

Design of wastewater treatment plants for commercial and industrial companies

Advanced modeling of wastewater treatment plants

Design and evaluation of composting systems and sludge drying systems

Industrial wastewater treatment designs and consulting

Evaluation of Orbal wastewater treatment process, Athens, GA

Pretreatment design for boiler water treatment using membranes- turkey litter processing- North Carolina

Multiple wastewater modeling studies and designs

Wastewater training for Oklahoma Environmental Protection Agency

Water system design, confidential client, Norcross, GA

Training of engineers on EPANET water system distribution software

Evaluation of asbestos contamination of wastewater treatment equipment, Hawaii

Training of microbiologists in Qatar

Contributing Author: Wiley’s Water Encyclopedia (See Books, Articles, Training->Books and Publications)

Emergency Response Training, HAZWOPER, ISO14001, First Responder

"Rethinking Sustainability- The Technology Factor", at the 8th International Phytoremediation Conference, Parma, Italy, Sept. 28, 2010

Tank farm
Photograph of above ground storage tank farm, Doraville, GA

Feasibility study for Radium removal from Piast Mine water, Katowice, Poland

Environmental site remediations and investigations

Permitting new facilities

Odor Control Modeling

Baghouse inspection and modifications

Air pollution control consulting – chemical exposure to reactive dusts, Louisiana

Odor control studies and consulting for elimination of odors, Buffalo, NY, Atlanta, GA, and Birmingham, AL.

Air modeling using Screen and short term modeling software

Emission calculations from wastewater treatment plant

Stack testing – Method 5 (Particulate)

Removal of 100 acres potential farmland from Georgia's Hazardous Waste Disposal Site list by review and sampling

Remediation of gas stations with leaking underground storage tanks

When a Georgia facility underwent bankruptcy, we provided consulting services to help them restart safely and make internal and external modifications to provide a safe working space by removing several internal hazards, and removing exterior contamination from leaking tanks

Consulting with Oil Companies (TEXACO) to improve above ground tank diking to reduce potentials for groundwater contamination from operations

Development of Spill Control and Hazardous Materials Spill response plans for Texaco terminals in 16 states (Major Oil Terminals)

Training AbuDhabi National Oil companies to handle radioactive wastes

Development of underground barrier for leaking Underground Storage Tanks containing Nuclear wastes at Hanford Nuclear Lab, Richland, WA

Prepared detailed environmental assessments and risk plans for two bottling company sites in Romania

Hazardous waste study and control program  for General Electric Transformer Plant, Rome, GA (PCBs)

Hazardous waste studies for multiple General Motors plants in Atlanta (paints, sludges)

Brownfield Investigation and remedial investigation, Peach County, GA

Waste disposal study PDVSA Operations, various locations, in Venezuela

Lectures for NATO on remediation of contaminated sites (chemical agents & other products)

Underground storage tank (UST) cleanups, various locations

Investigation of oil contamination of the environment in Northern Ecuador

Consulting and design of remediation system for Hanford Nuclear Lab, leaking underground radioactive wastes

Hazardous wastes
Cleanup and disposal of Hazardous Wastes, Georgia

Supervisor's Manual for TEXACO (Star Enterprise) on Underground Storage Tanks (USTs)

Remediation lectures, Dragon Oil Co, Turkmenistan

Hazardous waste site disposal report for USTDA on Wyala of Fees, Morocco

Disposal study for Radium contaminated groundwaters in Poland

Evaluation of contamination operations from Trojan Powder Works, near Provo, Utah

Lectures on Hazardous Waste site cleanup (Zhytomyr, Ukraine) for NATO Scientific Institute

Hazardous Wastes disposal consulting, TEMA, Ghana

Assessment of "Proposal to Remediate Belarus soils contaminated by Chernobyl Incident"

Industrial & Chemical Industry Process Designs

Municipal Waste Water Design

Petroleum Refinery & Terminals

Preparation of Emergency Response Plans for 16 terminals in the Southeast

Evaluation and preparation of Spill Countermeasure and Control Plans

Principal consultant for environmental remediation in Ecuador

Evaluation of petroleum waste pits, Lagunitas, Venezuela

Preparation of Remediation Manual for Petroleum Contaminated Sites.

Explosives Industries

Development of wastewater treatment plan to achieve zero discharge in a dynamite manufacturing operation

Evaluation of complex environmental releases from an explosives manufacturing site in Utah

Ammonia and Phosphate Fertilizers

Evaluation of ammonia releases in California

Review of diking operations for liquified ammonia storage in California's Central Valley

Environmental Hazard Assessment and review of agricultural feedlot operations in the US.

Evaluation of struvite formation on heat exchangers in ammonia plant (Ohio)

Electroplating and Metal Finishing

Design of electroplating system to achieve zero discharge, NY, and GA.

Design of Chromium removal system for CBS Records, GA.

Evaluation of hospital cooling tower "white rust" causes, Athens, GA

Specialty Chemical and Pesticides

Evaluation of PCB Storage Areas, in Atlanta, and Rome, GA.

Design of chemical waste treatment system, Rome, GA.

Wastewater Treatment Evaluations

Evaluated wastewater treatment system in GA

Wastewater consulting to improve operations, Oman, GA, & NY

Development of anaerobic waste disposal system for energy recovery.

Taught wastewater process design in the US, EU, and Middle East

Food Industry

Meat Packing & Processing

Vegetable & Dairy

Flour and Baking Products

Design & Permitting

Evaluation of municipal wastewater systems to improve compliance.

Evaluation of the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System Permits by better statistical evaluation

Comparison between EU, UK and US discharge permitting systems.

Pretreatment Design

Design of pretreatment systems for oil and grease removal

Design of pretreatment systems for Hospital cooling tower wastes

Design of Cooling tower pretreatment system for removal of Antimony from Fibers plant, NC

Design of wastewater pretreatment plant for General Motors Assembly Plant, GA

Design of wastewater pretreatment improvements for petroleum refinery, Hungary

Design of improvements to Gainesville, GA Schools, wastewater treatment plants

Design of pretreatment system for truck wash in GA

Performance Evaluation

Evaluation of performance on wastewater treatment plants in NY, GA, PA & IN.

Modeling comparisons between plant performance and designs to increase efficiency

Computer & Process Modeling

Evaluation of Ten States Standards design criteria wastewater treatment plant performance, and a comparison between plug flow and complete mix designs.

Evaluation of 5 MGD Orbal wastewater treatment plant in Athens, GA.

Modeling and review and costing of alternative wastewater treatment designs for presentation to the Georgia EPD

Sludge Treatment & Disposal

Development of municipal wastewater sludge system to produce soil amendment

Evaluation of drum dryer systems (Buffalo Vac.) for sludge concentration, Amherst, NY

Miscellaneous Processes & Studies

Identification of asbestos piping & gaskets in pumping systems

Safety consulting on injuries and on permit compliance where fatalities had occurred

Consulting on nutrient control

Developed courses on microbiology and Sequencing Batch Reactor for microbiologists and operators

Global Environmental Operations, Inc. is a distributor for  www.dynamita.com and the SUMO wastewater modeling platform. .GEO is working to help them establish SUMO  as one of the premier wastewater modeling platforms for dynamic wastewater treatment plant modeling.

Evaluation of several modeling platforms, and modeling of several wastewater treatment plants, both in the US and in the Middle East

Development of models for evaluation of medium and small scale wastewater treatment plants

Development of Models and modeling of Multi-Stage Anaerobic Digester systems to produce recoverable energy

Training of Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality on proprietary modeling software for their regulatory use

Evaluation of wastewater treatment system for removal of petroleum compounds (volatile organics) from groundwater

Evaluation and training of Oman plant operators to understand how new SBR system would operate

Evaluation and training of microbiologists in Oman to better understand plant operations, and the nature of the biological waste treatment cycle

Current projects include:

  • Municipal Evaluations
  • Stream Modeling
  • Industrial Waste Treatment
  • Wastewater Treatment Process Consulting

The figure below shows a typical schematic for an plug flow anaerobic IFAS  system developed using SUMO.  Note that there are multiple sequential reactor tanks to simulate plug flow.  The plant model indicates that the plant can be readily used for generating usable quantities of natural gas from various animal feedlot wastes.

The figure below shows an Bardenpho process wastewater treatment system schematic developed with SUMO.

GEO has an outstanding reputation on remediation & assessments. We have worked on everything from non-hazardous waste lagoons to Superfund sites and Nuclear Sites. Some of the types of projects both in the US and abroad are shown below:

  • Development of two very large remedial action plans for crude oil contaminated sites in Nigeria
  • Development of Assessment Protocols and Assessment of 10 potential school sites for Cobb County Schools
  • Evaluation of Bedminster large scale composting facility in Cobb County, GA
  • Development of emergency response models and evacuation protocols for potential Hazmat Releases in the US, Middle East, and Far East.
  • Development of brownfield worker safety and management plan for flyash wastes, near Chattanooga, TN
  • Consulting for Cryovac Industries
  • Evaluation of Port and Drydock facilites for Maraven (PDVSA), Lago de Maricaibo, Vz.
  • Evaluation of Waste Managment and Oil Disposal System, (PDVSA)
  • Evaluation of Landfill for Wiala of Fees, Morocco
  • Evaluation of potential remediation solution and cleanup of Belarus from Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster
  • Development of Greenspace land trade to alleviate a flooding condition in Norcross, GA
  • Underground Petroleum Storage Tanks
  • Nuclear Waste Tanks
  • Hazardous Wastes Cleanups & Disposal
  • Training HAZWOPER & RCRA 40 Hour Courses
  • Establishment of Cleanup program for Venezuela's Petroleum industry

GEO has performed all types of Assessments in the US in Europe, Africa and South America. GEO regularly trains environmental assessors by participating with local training schools.

Current Clients include:

  • School Boards
  • Industries
  • Commercial Developers

Excavation of contaminated soils from gas station release, Knoxville, TN
Excavation of contaminated soils from
gas station release, Knoxville, TN

Training large water supply systems in the Middle East using EPANET models. Areas where training was conducted include DuBai, AbuDhabi, Oman, Bahrain, Saudi-Arabia

Evaluation of pipe break problems in AbuDhabi for their water system

Design of expansion systems for a modest development in Georgia, including development of new wells

Design of community water systems in rural Pennsylvania

Modification of Philadelphia (West End Development) Utility Management Plan to provide water for over 10,000 people

Developed a system to remove Radium from highly saline mine waters for Piast Mine, Poland

Developed a new reliable water system for Bottling company in Bucharest, Romania.

Design of water supply system, Round Hill, Virginia

Design of Water Supply Distribution System, Jones, RV Park, Norcross, GA

Water system security and water treatment system Quadrant Management (PEPSI- Romania)

Taught Water System Security and Water System Design and solved a pipe rupture analysis for Dubai Water and Electricity Authority (DEWA), Dubai, UAE

Developed a system to remove Radionucleides from Piast Mine effluent (Silesian Vovoidship) emptying into Krakow's water supply

Between 2008 and 2018, much of the work was in the Middle East and Far East:

  • Taught courses on Water Supply,
  • Water Security,
  • Security,
  • Environmental Control,
  • ISO14000,
  • Nuclear Safety,
  • Oily water managment,
  • Microbiology of wastewater systems,
  • Sequencing Batch Reactors (for operators and engineers), and
  • Disposal of Hazardous Wastes

Taught nuclear security to two companies in the Middle East

Taught Security to Aramco (Saudi Arabia National Oil Company), Three companies in Bahrain, 1 company in Kuala Lumpur, and 3 companies in Du Bai

Taught Emergency Response Planning in the US, Middle East, and Far East on a regular basis for over 10 years averaging at least 3 courses/ year

Prepared Emergency Response Plans for several different industries in Central Europe

Training Saudi ARAMCO’s Security Force on two occasions

Training Security Force of GPIC (Bahrain Fertilizer Company) on security

Training on Security Practices ADNOC (AbuDhabi National Oil Company)

Training ADNOC on Nuclear Safety

General Training on Nuclear Safety (Dubai)

Environmental Training and Chemical Engineering for Non-Engineers (OXYCHEM) Qatar

Pumps, Compressors, Boilers and Valves Training for Al-Khafji Joint Operations, Saudi Arabia

Security Training for Al-Khafji Joint Operations, Saudi Arabia

Environmental Training (2 sessions  Solid and Hazardous Waste) Dragon Oil Company, Hazar, Turkmenistan (Russian and English)

Emergency Response Trainer with SEA Group (1990-1998)

Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure Response Plans for STAR ENTERPRISE (TEXACO) 18 Terminals in the Eastern US.

Am. Inst. Of Chemical Engineers, Course 035 Practical Wastewater Treatment,  Course taught 1998-2003

Hazardous Waste, Hazardous Materials and their Transport and Handling course for Am. Inst. Of Chemical Engineers, 2000-2003

Hazardous Wastes, Hazardous Materials and their Transportation (International Edition) 2012-2016, AbuDhabi, Kuala Lumpur and other locations

Contractor for US Trade and Development Agency in missions to Hungary, Romania, Venezuela, Mexico, Georgia, Morocco, and Belarus

Consultant to Internet based companies in the EU regarding development and entry into US Markets

Consultant to Romanian Chemical Industries and assessment of plants for Ag Chemicals and Chlorine Chemicals and Pesticides at two locations in Romania

Environmental assessments of Romanian Chemical Industry including Ag Chemicals, Pesticide & Chlorinated Chemicals, Pharmecutical Chemicals and wastewater treatment for discharges from those facilities

Environmental assessment of soft drink manufacturer bottling plant for 2 sites in different part of Romania

Environmental assessment of site and review for soft drink manufacturing facility in Bulgaria and review of petroleum storage facility

Participation and Presentation for NATO on hazardous chemical and WMD chemicals decontamination and disposal held in Romania

Environmental Assessment of MolRot Refinery, Sazambatta, Hungary

Worked with Central Mining Institute, Katowice, Poland to develop a method of removing Radium from highly saline mine waters

Consulting with Oman on their new wastewater treatment plant

Review and training for Aramco on spill control and safety, at their refinery in AlKhafji, KSA

Security, and Process Safety Management training for Oman Ag Chemical manufacturing

Instructor and Lecturer Abu Dhabi and Dubai, UAE  2008-2018

Water supply and distribution systems

Nuclear Safety

Hazardous Waste, Hazardous Materials, and Transportation

Chemical Engineering for non-engineers

Safety and Security training for several industries

Waste management and Sustainability

Microbiology and Waste Treatment Plant Operations

Training in residence at University of Lublin, Poland

Research work on Radium Removal from Piast mine waters, Katowice Poland

Physical clay mineral separation and equipment evaluation, Brunswick, Nova Scotia

Physical screening and evaluation of Oil Pits in Ecuador

Oil cleanup projects, chemical plant evaluation, PCB screening, New Product evaluation, PDVSA & PROESCA, Caracas, and Falcon State, Venezuela

Instructor, NATO, Advanced Scientific Institute, Zhytomyr, Ukraine

Evaluations and Assessment Reports for US Trade and Development Agency, in Ghana, Hungary, Romania, & Venezuela

International Projects


  • Energy Evaluation for Natural Gas Recovery
  • Air Pollution Equipment & Hazardous Wastes Disposal
  • Established budget and scope for Cleanup of Waste disposal pits in Western Venezuela
  • Water Recovery Study for Oil Platforms
  • Evaluation of Exxon Docking Facility on Lago de Maricaibo
  • Evaluation of Venoco Chemical Complex in the Falcón State


  • Multi-site Environmental assessments
  • Chemical Consulting for Romanian Chemical Industry
  • Process Consulting for Quadrant-Amroq (Pepsi)
  • Environmental Assessments to US Standards


  • Desk study for cleanup of contamination from Chernobyl Nuclear Accident


  • Evaluation of Natural Gas Container Plant for Ghana


  • Refinery Study for Mol Rot & two other refineries

Ecuadorian oil treatment pond effluent
Ecuadorian oil treatment pond effluent

contaminated Groundwater in Ecuador
Contaminated groundwater in Ecuador

Investigating remediation
Investigating remediation in Ecuador

old oil pit in Ecuador
Old oil pit in Ecuador

Rural housing in  Ecuador
Rural housing in Ecuador

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Analysis of new design for Anaerobic Digestion, 2019
Occasional contributing author to Environmental Protection Magazine and Atlanta Realtor, Magazine 1987-1992.
Better Statistics means Better Permitting, Chemical Engineering, Fall 2019.

Compost reactor after assembly
Compost reactor after assembly

Buflovak drum dryer
Buflovak drum dryer

All articles are by David L. Russell, P.E. unless otherwise noted.

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"Managing Environmental Risk" - A talk on Risk Management and the Environmental Business

"Minimizing the Adverse Effects of Military Decontamination of Chemical Warfare Agents" - Delivered as an invited speech to NATO in Bucharest

"Taking the Mystery out of Groundwater Monitoring" - Delivered to AIChE Conference

"If your treatment plant was build on the 10 states standards, dynamic modeling may show that it still has capacity to spare"
David L. Russell, Jeremy Dudley & Youri Amerlinck

Taking samples
Taking samples

Wastewater Treatment Plant
Wastewater Treatment Plant